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Community Development In Project Areas

Bhiwani Skill Development Training

The generous CSR grant provided to ITRHD by Hindustan Gum & Chemicals Limited (HG&C) in August 2019, provided for livelihood enhancement in the heritage rich areas of Bhiwani (Haryana) and Barmer (Rajasthan). Although most of the activities being undertaken relate to the rich tangible and intangible heritage resources of these two areas, there was also provision in the budget for specialized skill development in the rural areas of Bhiwani.

The program has been designed to provide intensive training in "Tailoring and Embroidery" (6-month course) and "Computer Training" (12-month course). These programs are free of cost to the participants, include site visits as well as intensive skill training. The courses have been designed to enable the graduates to become self-supporting, either through employment, development of their own businesses, or working from home.