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Community Development In Project Areas

Youth Involvement

Heritage for Youth

ITRHD firmly believes that the way forward to attain the goal of protecting and safeguarding the cultural and natural heritage is to involve students in the process. This would not only help sensitise the youth to the importance of preserving their heritage but would also afford an opportunity to engage the young minds and harness their energy and ideas at an early stage to make the effort truly effective. This could also prove to be the first step for a few careers.

With this purpose, a Youth Club was formed in 2015 in Village Hariharpur, Azamgarh, U.P by ITRHD for overall development. The Youth Club was formed on guidelines similar to Nehru Yuva Kendra Sansthan (NYKS), of which it is a registered member. Subsequently ITRHD set up two more youth clubs in Nizamabad and Mubarakpur. Please see the YouTube video created by three Delhi college students who formed the Hariharpur Club, and made an inspiring video of it. (Click Here)

The formation of Youth Clubs in the heritage cluster will ensure an informed approach for devising effective solutions and recommendations for all development initiatives. The subsequent understanding of the social issues, evolution in innovative learning and economic modules will provide basis for development of tangible objectives and directives for the youth. This will be instrumental in adoption and realization of development plans in the rural landscape of Azamgarh. Efforts toward forming a successful collaboration with the village youth, will help in bridging technological and cultural gaps to empower and motivate change in all spheres. It will further facilitate drafting of ground plans of action to motivate and boost sustainable development in the rural sector. Moreover, involving the youth in awareness drives in their communities will encourage a ready support and intent of all villagers. This initiative will also help translate into a more gender sensitive environment and change the outlook of the village community as a whole.

ITRHD’s endeavour over the years has been to promote youth development in Hariharpur - through skill development, heritage walks, tree plantation drives, organising sporting events, awareness on sanitation issues, civic consciousness and generally towards local issues afflicting development. Several programmes have been conducted and the response of the youth has been very encouraging. In 2019, Chairman ITRHD formed a separate advisory committee with distinguished personalities as its members to look after the Youth affairs and its activities.

ITRHD with the aim to develop and empower the youth has also partnered with prestigious educational institutes such as – Indian School and Salwan Public School. Some of the initiatives include:

  • Organising talks for students by eminent specialists in the field.
  • Celebrating 30th January every year as Rural Tourism Day, wherein eminent speakers and students from schools would be invited to speak.
  • Organizing painting, essay and photography contests on different aspects of heritage. ITRHD publication “Explore Rural India” would then publish the efforts of the winners.
  • Invite students to speak on “World Heritage Day” celebrated on 18th April.
  • Young musicians from Hariharpur village in Azamgarh district, would be invited to display their talent in these schools, thereby giving an opportunity to school children to discover rural art forms.
  • Potters from Nizamabad would be invited to demonstrate their skills to the students.
  • Visit to heritage sites in Delhi and to sites developed by ITRHD – Dargah of Musa Sharif in Nuh or the Indus Valley site in Village Rakhigarhi in Haryana.

ITRHD will be forming youth clubs and conducting activities in other project villages with the aim to sensitise and create heritage awareness.