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Primary Projects

Cultural Festivals

As we work on various interventions in our rural project communities, we also want to showcase their heritage to the wider world as well, and thus increase appreciation of and patronage for the precious traditional skills. One way of doing this is by organizing cultural festivals.

Azamgarh Festivals

The "Creative Cluster" of three villages in Azamgarh District (U.P.) has been a major focus area for us since the beginning. In addition to working within the villages (the musicians village of Hariharpur, weavers village of Mubarakpur, and potters village of Nizamabad), for the last 7 years in Delhi and last 3 years in Lucknow, we have organized Azamgarh Festivals in Delhi to showcase the areas rich heritage.

In Delhi we have presented the weaving, the pottery and the music at the Ashok Hotel, the Indian International Centre, and for the last several years, Alliance Francaise. These elegant and central venues lend great credibility and appeal, and many hundreds of visitors throng the premises. The Mubarakpur weavers display dazzling collections of beautiful silks, at which - to urban visitors - are throwaway prices. Similarly, the beautiful black pottery of Nizamabad enjoys substantial sales. And the talented Hariharpur musicians, sometimes accompanied by fellow villagers who have achieved international renown, draw appreciative connoisseurs.

Generous support from our members and some corporate sponsors, as well as from the Government of Uttar Pradesh in Lucknow, enables ITRHD to pay all expenses. Entire proceeds of sales go directly to the weavers and potters. In addition to the economic benefits, the artisans absorb much market intelligence from direct interaction with their customers, and all are able to enjoy the tremendous appreciation of new, sophisticated audiences for their skills and their traditions.

Patiala Heritage Festivals

For the last two years, ITRHD has coordinated with the Government of Punjab in presenting multi-faceted Heritage Festivals in Patiala. Spread over 10 days each February, celebrating the culture of the city of Patiala, the festivals include a plethora of events, including polo matches, cricket matches, exhibitions, and sports events. ITRHD has been entrusted with the responsibility of organizing musical performances by some of Indias greatest masters, and fashion shows involving talented designers, all presented in Patiala's extraordinary heritage properties. The emphasis here is on exposing audiences to the beauty of their architectural heritage, and demonstrating how heritage can remain excitingly alive in a contemporary context. The results are mesmerizing, and prove once again the importance of preserving, conserving, and putting to creative adaptive re-use our rich heritage resources. All events are funded by the Government of Punjab.