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Charter for Advisory Council Members

The Advisory Council of the Indian Trust for Rural Heritage and Development will consist of eminent people from different walks of life, nationally and internationally, who are devoted to the cause of Rural regeneration through Heritage.

The Council will have the following mandate. Members of the Advisory Council will individually and collectively:

  • advise on the nature and contours of the projects to be taken up by the Trust keeping in view the aims and objectives of the Trust.
  • identify international experts in different fields of conservation, including art conservation, architectural restoration, preservation of manuscripts, water conservation and natural heritage, etc., covering development, health and education programmes, rural awareness etc. The members of the Council will assist the Trust in obtaining the services of these experts from time to time whenever required.
  • identify similar Heritage Trusts/associations/groups in different countries and initiate and prepare a compendium of such bodies to promote interaction between them and the Trust.
  • help the Trust in identifying donors, both individual and corporate, who can finance and assist in the implementation of the projects to be carried out by the Trust and also advise on how such financial aid can be obtained.
  • advise on the internationally accepted best practices in the field of heritage conservation and guide the Trust in adopting such practices in it's working.
  • assist in the exchange of experts working with the Trust and those working abroad in similar organisations to enhance knowledge in the field of conservation and rural development to the mutual benefit of both.
  • facilitate in arranging workshops in identified areas of heritage conservation to enable building up of a pool of knowledge and skills, including the latest scientific techniques, in the field of conservation.
  • suggest to the Trust, methods and techniques of spreading heritage awareness amongst the people of the country, especially the youth and school going children based on experience both nationally and internationally.
  • help in disseminating information of the activities of the Trust and it's projects both in India and abroad and seek cooperation in the implementation of the projects both from the corporate world as well as other organisations.
  • advise the Trust on the holding of international conferences on specific heritage issues to enable exchange of views and policies and to promote the heritage movement by establishment of heritage organizations in the countries of South and South East Asia,, where such bodies do not exist.
  • carry out a review of the activities of the Trust annually and suggest changes and modification wherever necessary.

In general a member of the Advisory Council will act as a friend, guide and philosopher to the Trust.