All donations to ITRHD are Tax exempt u/s 80G of the Income Tax Act, 1961



Beginning from scratch 10 years ago, our initial support came from generous donations from our Members and Trustees, and from Corporate friends who enrolled as Corporate Members and later began granting us CSR support. A few State Governments trusted us with support for projects in their states, and, impressed with the results, later granted more substantial funding. Our Trustees and our Members have continued to support us, with contributions small and large, depending on their means. All have been gratefully received.

Three years ago, we felt we had proved our credentials sufficiently to request support from the Government of India. The Ministry of Culture responded with a grant of Rs. 5 crores (approx. US$700,000) for our corpus. We have applied for further support from the Ministry, and are keeping our fingers crossed. Recently our credentials were further enhanced when the Finance Commission (2021-22) recommended funds totalling Rs. 38 crores (approx.. US$5.2 million) for projects in Haryana and the Punjab, and specified that these projects be entrusted to ITRHD. This was a big feather in our cap.

Although we have thus managed to undertake and fund the activities described in the site, there is much, much more that can be done. We need new sources of funding to expand the scope of our current projects, and to expand into new areas as well. There are two ways to do this:

  1. CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Support – Long-term Projects. Corporate sponsors can best help by investing in specific projects, with long-term goals. This enables us to embark on comprehensive programs, and to tackle them in a phased manner, with significant results. The sponsors enjoy all CSR tax benefits, and also have the satisfaction of knowing that they are making important ventures into reality. Full credit is of course given to all such sponsors.
  2. Individual Donations. Donations from our Trustees, Members and Friends are extremely important to us, and enable us to start and continue many activities and projects. Donations can either be made to our general fund, or to specific projects. One project that is especially close to our hearts is the primary school in the musicians’ village of Hariharpur (Azamgarh). A donation of Rs. 3,000 (US$70) meets the cost of one child for a year. We are now trying to build a corpus sufficient to meet the ongoing expenses of this project. The school has been a great success, with particular emphasis being given to girl students, and to encouraging cooperation and friendship between children from all social classes of the village.

ITRHD has FCRA clearance, allowing us to accept donations from abroad. And all donations within India are eligible for benefits under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act.

IMPORTANT NOTICE. We are currently establishing a payment gateway that will make donating to ITRHD a simple and easy process. Until then, checks/cheques can be sent directly to ITRHD at our registered office (C-56 Nizamuddin East, GF, New Delhi 110013 India). Or, drop an email to us at, and we will let you know as soon as the gateway becomes operative.

We hope you will join us. I can confirm that the rewards of supporting these activities are great.
With thanks and very best regards.
S.K. Misra, Chairman