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Intangible Living Heritage

Living Cultures Museum Concept

In May 2013, ITRHD Chairman S.K. Misra visited Nagaland, surveyed existing cultural resources in Kohima and visited surrounding villages. In discussions with senior officials of the State Government, a preliminary concept was developed for establishment of a Museum of Heritage and Living Cultural Traditions.

An application to the Asian Cultural Council (ACC) in New York was submitted, and funds were granted to involve an experienced international consultant, Mr. Augusto Villalon, from the Philippines. Mr. Villalon and Mr. Misra then undertook a survey mission to Kohima and surrounding villages in December 2013. A comprehensive report was prepared for the State Government, recommending the establishment of the Museum, to serve as a centre for the preservation and revival of the rich Naga tangible and intangible heritage.

Our report envisioned that the Museum would organize performances and demonstrations of dance, theatre, music, rituals, craft, and other living traditions, both in the Museum premises and in the surrounding Hornbill Festival complex. It would also serve as a major documentation and cultural research centre, and create a vibrant new tourism facility. All of this would provide economic benefits to the local community, as well as strengthen local awareness, pride, and sense of ownership.

The proposed new Museum was conceived as complementary to the existing Nagaland State Museum. While the existing museum presents a basic overview of Naga culture, presented through dioramas and other static displays, the new Museum would be an active learning centre, as well as a major repository for authentic Naga material culture. It would focus individually on each of the 16 Naga tribes, and on each tribes unique culture and traditions, present well-designed interactive exhibitions, and utilize technological and contextual practices that were not available when the State Museum was developed.

The new Museum would be the starting point of the Kohima visitor experience. It would complement and provide a new dimension to the states existing cultural resources, making full use of the excellent facilities that are at present very much under-utilized, and boost tourist arrivals on a year-round basis. ITRHD submitted a comprehensive proposal to Nagaland Government in May 2014 for this project, but to date they unfortunately have not responded. We have once again initiated communication with Ministry of Tribal Affairs, Delhi and Tourism Department Nagaland, in the hope of implementing what could be a very exciting project.